Which Power Up Suits Your Personality?

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Kongy Bird Rider is packed full of power ups to help you master this magical world. But at the Jelly Games HQ we think that personality plays a big part in which power up you choose to boost Kongy and his friend closer to that golden high score.

Whether you love the joys of the jetpack, get no small excitement from minimise, or envisage invisibility as the best power up, lets see what your actions say about you:




Don’t like to let anything get between you and your goals? Itching to become the master of this mobile game? Jetpack injects your go-gettem attitude into Kongy Bird Rider, giving you the power to blast your way past obstacles with super speed.




If you’ve ever watched Tom and Jerry you’ll know that there’s a lot to be said for being small, dainty and nimble. For those who appreciate the little things in life, minimise makes all things mini mighty, and lets Kongy and his trusty bird weave through the gaps and avoid obstacles.




Let’s face it, we all secretly wish we had superpowers sometimes, and if you’ve always wanted Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to fuel your adventures, then you’ll love this feature. The perfect weapon for players with a mystical side who like to think outside the box, you can pass the perils of this dangerous world without being spotted when you choose this power up.

Are you a think outside the box or a break out of the box kind of person? When you’ve figured out which power up suits your personality the most, try your luck with each to see if you can beat your best score. Or use a combination of all three to get triple the amount of fun from your Kongy Bird Rider experience!

Kongy Bird Rider trailer has landed!

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Fasten your seatbelts folks, the Kongy Bird Rider trailer has landed!

Kongy the monkey has enlisted his trusty bird to navigate a world of challenges on his route to victory. Dodge moving pipes, pitfalls, perilous weather and more as you face increasing difficulties to master your high score.

The debut creation from new kids on the block, Jelly Games, this is just a tempting taster of the excitement to come. Stay tuned for the upcoming release on the App Store and Google Play in a few weeks.

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Oh, and don’t forget to download the ringtone too!

Kongy Bird Rider Ringtone Released!

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Inject a bit of magic into your day with a playful Kongy Bird Rider ringtone that will have you waiting for the phone to ring. A cool and catchy jingle from the makers of Kongy Bird Rider, download to iPhone or Android today.

How to Get Your Ringtone

iPhone – Make sure that your phone is synced to your ringtones library, and download the .M4R to your computer. Place it in the iTunes ringtones library, sync with your iPhone, and you are good to go!

Android – Download the .MP3 file to your computer, connect your smartphone to your computer via USB or SD card, and simply transfer the file across. Find full details here.

Welcome to Jelly Games

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Welcome to the brand new Jelly Games website and blog! We have some fantastic products that we’re just itching to show you, so keep your eyes peeled on this blog for updates on developments as they happen. Stay tuned to get exclusive sneak peaks and updates on Jelly Games, upcoming releases, as well as exciting videos, ringtones and wallpapers for our fans. That’s all for now folks, but follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the blog.